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Spreading Hope and Love at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Posted on April 9, 2013 at 12:15 AM

Celebrating Amanda's 1st Birthday with Phayathai Kids...

My family and I had the opportunity to celebrate our daughter Amanda's 1st birthday at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage in Bangkok, Thailand. We were warmly welcomed by the staff and the children, who were excited to help us prepare for the party.

Together with the kids, we decorated the room with colorful balloons and banners. The children showed us their amazing talent by performing dances and songs, which we all enjoyed. They also surprised us with handmade birthday cards for Amanda, which we will treasure forever.

After the performances, it was time for the kids to line up for their shaped balloons! They were delighted to receive them and ran around the room playing with them. We also distributed Ice Popsicle Sticks, which were a big hit with the children.

Overall, it was a heartwarming and joyful experience. We were grateful to be able to share Amanda's special day with the Phayathai kids and to witness their happiness and creativity. We hope to continue supporting the orphanage and its mission to provide a safe and loving home for these precious children.

Celebrating Amanda's 1st birthday with the little ones at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage
Talented kids at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage showing off their moves
The joy of simple pleasures: lined up for shaped balloons at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage
A refreshing treat on a hot day with the kids at Phayathai Babies Home Orphanage
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