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How to plan a kids birthday on a budget.

Are you finding ways to celebrate without burning your pockets? Here are some tips for you!

1. VENUE - Find a place or venue that won't cost that much! Location plays an important role if you want to celebrate your kids birthday but make sure this won't break the bank! You can spend you party at home or at a local park nearby your home!

2. INVITATION - Skip the fancy invitations! Use internet! You can now invite your guest using an Evite - ...It's the most practical way of sending invitations to everyone nowadays!

Keep your guest list small. You do not need to invite the entire class plus their parents sticking around & all your family members. As much as we want to invite everyone, but this isn't everyone's birthday! It is is your child's birthday and you really want this memorable for him/her. Try to limit by inviting friends that are only very close to her.

3. FOOD - Worried about spending on food? Most of us wish we could just hire someone to cater us food so it will be less of a hassle? But hiring a caterer or spending it in a hotel or restaurant is not even practical at all! What should you do? Finally, if you're serious about how to plan a kid's birthday on a budget, consider buying a bulk of snacks & ready to cook food without going over budget and just cook them at home! Not unless your problem is you can't cook! - Then ordering pizza of KFC chicken will be an alternative too!

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