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Recap Fun Day at Bangkok Patana

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Posted on December 4, 2014 at 8:25 PM

Bangkok Patana School recently hosted an Exciting Fun Day for their students and faculty, filled with a variety of fun and engaging activities. The event was made possible by Bangkok Kids Party, who provided an array of thrilling rides and entertainment.

Children enjoyed riding trikes and racing with friends, paddling in the pool on paddle boats, and taking turns on a kids' electric train. The Rodeo Bull ride was also a hit, where children tried to hold on as long as they could while the mechanical bull spun and bucked them off. The carousel and spinning rocket were popular attractions for those seeking a thrill.

Apart from rides, there were various other activities available for the children to enjoy. Face painting was a popular choice, with children opting for a range of designs. Glitter tattoos were also popular, with kids sporting sparkly tattoos that lasted all day. Children who wanted to get creative could opt for the plaster painting activity, where they could paint and decorate their own plaster figurines to take home.

The clown balloon twist was a great hit with children, who enjoyed watching as the clown twisted balloons into various shapes and animals. For dog lovers, the dog show was a treat, offering a chance to see some amazing furry friends and learn more about dog care.

The event was a grand success, and the children and faculty thoroughly enjoyed the day's activities. The Exciting Fun Day at Bangkok Patana School provided an excellent opportunity for children to bond with their friends, make new ones, and enjoy a fun-filled day with their teachers and schoolmates.

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