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Inflatable Bounce House N' Slide (Code BC)

Royal Castle
Bounce House N' Slide
(Product Code: BC-01)
SIZE: 5.5 (L) X 4.1 (W) X 3.8 (H) Meters

Obstacle Course
Bounce House N' Slide

(Product Code: BC-02)
SIZE: .6 (L) X 3.5 (W) X 3.15 (H) Meters

Bouncy Castle

(Product Code: BC-03)
SIZE: 4.5 (L) X 5 (W) X 3 (H) Meters

Play Center
Bouncy Castle 

(Product Code: BC-04)
SIZE: 4.45 (L) X 3.85 (W) X 2.5 (H) Meters

Classic Jumbo
Bounce House N' Slide 

(Product Code: BC-05)
SIZE: 5 (L) X 5 (W) X 4.5 (H) Meters

Classic Castle
Bounce N' Slide
(Product Code: BC-06)
SIZE: 9.6 (L) X 5.1 (W) X 5.4 (H) Meters

Puppy Land
Bouncy Castle

(Product Code BC-07)
SIZE: 3 (L) X 3.4 (W) X 2.45 (H) Meters

Inflatable Bounce House
(Product Code BC-08)

Green Dinosaur
Water Slide
(Product Code BC-09)
SIZE IN METER: 8(L) X 3(W) X 4.2(H)

Classic Blue
Water Slide

(Product Code BC-10)
SIZE IN METER:7(L) X 4(W) X 5(H)

Water Slide

(Product Code BC-11)
SIZE: 7(L) X 4(W) X 4-6.5(H) METERS

 - 6 ft Long Slip -

(Product Code BC-12)
SIZE: 8(L) X 4(W) X 2.75(H) METERS

Slip N' Slide

(Product Code BC-13)
SIZE: 15 (L) X 4 (W) X 6.5 (H) Meters

Colorful Disco Pit

Foam Party

(Product Code: WG-01)

SIZE: 4.5 (L) X 4.5 (W) X 2.5 (H) Meters

Large Inflatable Pit

Foam Party

(Product Code: WG-02)

SIZE: 7.8 (L) X 7.8 (W) X 3.3 (H) Meters

Human Water

Hamster Ball

(Product Code: WG-03)

SIZE: 2 X 2 Diameter

Kiddie Paddle

Paddler Boat

(Product Code: WG-04)

Size: 127 X 118 X 47 CM

Kiddie Bumper

Motor Boat

(Product Code: WG-05)

Size: 127 X 118 X 47 CM


Blue Water Large Pool

(Product Code: WG-06)

SIZE: 8 (L) X 8 (W) X 0.55 (H) Meters

Inflatable (Set) 
Hamster Ball with Pool

(Product Code: WG-07)
SIZE: 8 (L) X 8 (W) X 0.55 (H) Meters

Foam & Bubble Party
Foam Party with Bubbles
(Product Code: WG-08)
1,200 Watts